Boat Imports to Australia

Universal Customs Brokers have a team dedicated to the importation of boats (big and small).

Universal Customs Brokers can also manage all aspects for vessels that have been sailed directly into Australia from another country. Usually being first port of call,  Darwin, we can advise on all Customs and Quarantine rules and regulations and all documentation required for this type of shipment. We can liaise with Customs for a smooth entry into Australian waters.

We can organise and supervise direct to water unloads, supplying all the necessary people, even water based – scuba divers and skippers, and for land unloads supply cradles, strapping and transport for your vessel.

No vessel is too big or too small. Our contacts in the Port Fremantle allow for smooth delivery of your vessel.

Boats on Trailers

If your boat is on a trailer you must have an import permit for the trailer prior to it arriving in Australia, we recommend you get it before your boat leaves the departure country as it can be a big problem if your boat arrives and you still don’t have the permit. You will need to apply for this directly to the Australian Department of Infrastructure.

Boast with on-board Refrigeration or Air Conditioning

Boats with on-board refrigeration or air conditioning will need to have them degassed and decommissioned prior to export, a certificate from the company involved is also required with your documents. It’s important to do this to avoid expensive pre-charged equipment licenses on arrival.

Quarantine Costs

Quarantine is the biggest unknown cost when importing a boat, because it’s impossible for us to know the condition of your boat when we quote for shipping. We allow in our quotes a single inspection charge, if as a result of the inspection a problem is found then any washing or fumigation is additional.

Advice for Importing Boats

It’s a good idea to have the seller make sure the boat is as clean as possible, if it is very dirty then often it won’t be allowed on the ship, though we can take care of cleaning it at the port as an additional charge.

Contact our boat import specialists today to assist you with importing your vessel.