Customs Clearance in Perth, Australia

Custom Brokers Advice on duty, taxes, GST, implication for imports

If you are an importer or exporter of goods, you will know the hoops you have to jump through to get goods in or out the country. There are a number of legal procedures to follow, and of course, documentation to complete. This can be a timely exercise, taking you away from your core business focus. That’s where we come in. With almost 20 years in the industry, Universal Customs Brokers is a seasoned veteran in the industry, known for our efficient work, creative solution finding and outstanding results. What can we do for you?

Customs Clearance Process

Whether you are bringing goods in or sending them out, there is a list of tasks and documents that you are required to complete, however, we will take care of this for you, with your occasional assistance when necessary. But you can carry on business as usual safe in the knowledge that all legal processes are adhered to, and that all imported or exported goods will get to their destination on time.


While we mostly do commercial clearances, we also help out with private clearances. Why not outsource the hassle? We provide the full range of customs agency services and will take care of yours speedily and efficiently.

Cost-saving Advice

In addition to handling all the customs brokerage, we also offer local import and export advice on the best routes and modes of transport for your shipment needs. We will of course take care of all your documentation needs and provide strong communication lines while monitoring your freight.

We operate out of our Perth and Melbourne offices, and have a storage facility in both cities where you can store your goods. This can be either prior to export or once the shipment has arrived and is waiting to be collected. You can pay on a monthly or weekly basis, whatever suits your needs.

Any Shipments, both personal and commercial worth over A$ 1000 require a customs entry to ascertain duty and GST rates applicable.

Documentation required for customs clearance of commercial Sea or Air freight consignments:

  • A legible copy of the airway bill, bill of lading or ocean bill of lading. We will require the First Original to be endorsed with your printed name, signature, date and company stamp on the reverse side and then to be forwarded to our office. This bill of lading should be available from your supplier.
  • A completed FCL or LCL packing declaration.
  • Commercial invoice/s.
  • Packing list/s (if any).
  • Any certificate/s of origin or Free Trade Agreement (FTA) statements that may be applicable.
  • A fumigation certificate which should be presented to us for any wooden packing or items that have been shipped.

Documentation required for the shipment of personal effects:

  • If you hold an Australian passport, we only require the photo page and any stamped pages from the passport to be forwarded with the documents.
  • A fully completed Personal Effects form.
  • An itemised inventory of the shipment.

Shipment Under $1000

Goods valued at less than $1000 may be imported free of customs duty and tax. This does not apply to alcohol and tobacco. If you bring in goods through Australia Post, you will not have to fill in any paperwork for Customs and Border Protection.

Whether you are importing a container full of computers or a new car or boat from overseas, let us help you get it safely through customs.

Parcel Post Clearances

Have you received a notice from Australia Post to say that they have a package for you and that it requires Australian customs clearance? Wondering what to do? It’s simple!

So that we can customs clear this parcel, we will need the following paperwork from you:

  • Commercial invoice/s.
  • The letter which Australia Post sent you.
  • A picture or weblink of the goods that you purchased.
  • A completed letter of authority.

After we clear your parcel post shipment, Australian Customs will then advise Australia Post that they may release the parcel from their facility. Your package will then be delivered to the address shown on the package.

Contact us today so that our team of experts can assist you with your customs clearance.