Personal Effects

When importing personal effects, it is a requirement that you have owned and used the goods for the previous 12 months; personal effects are free of duty and GST but do attract taxes if you are importing such things as wine, tobacco or motor vehicles.

Personal effects are considered to be a high risk and therefore may be inspected by Customs and Quarantine or solely by Quarantine.

Personal effects may be imported by Airfreight or seafreight – as full container loads or packed into a “share” container as a LCL shipment.

In all cases Universal Customs will require the following documents for clearance purposes only:

  • Any relevant invoice/s.
  • A legible copy of the Bill of lading – AIR or SEA
  • A fumigation certificate which should be presented to us for any wooden items that have been shipped.
  • If you hold an Australian passport, we only require the photo page and any stamped pages from the passport to be forwarded with the documents.
  • A fully completed signed Personal Effects form.

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