Fast Freight Delivery From Perth & Melbourne

Rely on us for bulk delivery of your valued goods

Universal Customs Brokers takes great pride in offering comprehensive services, specialising in cartage – the transportation of goods and cargo from one primary transport vehicle to the next. We have carefully selected and vetted two trusted major cartage contractors to safely deliver your full containers. Contact us to find out more about our cartage delivery services.

We offer two options for delivery:

  • Option one

Your cargo can be transported by swinglift delivery and placed on the ground to be unpacked at your leisure (within the negotiated ‘free days’). The truck will return within a couple of days once we have been advised the container is empty, and return the container to a pre-nominated de-hire point.

  • Option two

Containers can also be delivered as a ‘live unload’ for immediate unpack where the container remains on the back of the truck and is unloaded immediately, thus allowing the container to be returned directly to the de-hire point.
Please note: If have LCL cargo, UCB utilises a well-known courier company to deliver LCL cargo. This delivery service is available upon request.

Why choose us

There is no greater teacher than experience, and we have it in abundance. Our history of service excellence spans 100 years collective experience in the industry. Clients far and wide have relied on our professional services because we take the utmost care with your freight. If you’re looking for cartage professionals with an in-depth appreciation of trucking, warehousing and deconsolidation make sure you talk to us. Our team is on hand to assist.

Contact us for dependable delivery in Melbourne and Perth.